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Where did January Go?

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Where did January Go?

Are we seriously already into February 2017? WOW! Hasn’t the year already started quickly!

We are heading into the month of L❤️ve, yep Valentine’s Day ?‍❤️‍?.

We have just employed two more staff members, we welcome to the Paintway Team: Dom and Dan 

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A New Year…New Resolutions, A New Start….that also applies to your home…put some Valentine’s L❤️ve into your home. Here are some things to consider:

Nothing gives the outside of your home a fast and impressive facelift like a fresh coat of paint — although it’s been said many times before, this axiom is worth repeating. Whether you are planning to sell and want to add a touch of quick curb appeal or you just enjoy living in a well-kept home, How often will this task need to be done? It depends on a number of factors, primarily your home’s exterior finish, your location, and the quality of your last paint job.

How Often Should You Paint?

Exterior timber should be repainted every 3-7 years, or stained approximately every 4 years. Aluminium can go about 5 years between paint jobs, and rendered walls 5-6 years. Newer types of materials require less frequent touchups. The only upkeep for unpainted brick is cleaning, although you will need to paint the trim.

HEADS UP: Don’t try to save money by putting off exterior painting. All you will end up doing is making the prep work harder and the job ultimately more expensive. Damaged paint or exposed patches of bare wall are an urgent signal that you should paint ASAP to protect your home.

What Affects Exterior Paint’s Durability?

Previous Paint Job — A major factor in how long you can go before repainting your house exterior is the quality and colour of the paint you and your contractor (or your home’s previous owner) used last time, as well as the number of coats that were applied … and even whether your house was painted on a sunny or overcast day. High quality, lighter shades of paint tend to last longer. Ditto for two or three coats as opposed to a single one and paint that was applied when the house was in shade. One hundred percent acrylic paint is the most durable and resistant to fading.

Climate — If you live in an area with hot, sunny summers or your home is unsheltered by trees, the strong sunshine will cause paint to bubble and fade more quickly (especially for darker hues, synthetic pigments, and oil-based paint). Other climate conditions that age paint are harsh winters, frequent storms, extreme humidity, blowing sand, or salty ocean breezes.

Maintenance — Take good care of your home. Inspect its exterior regularly for danger signs. These include dampness, rot, chalkiness, termite or other infestation, and mould. Have these treated promptly and keep out moisture by sealing and caulking as necessary


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