You may consider putting off painting for another year or assume it’s not important but the appearance of your home is very important, and chipped or peeling or damaged walls can be unsightly.

Painting your home is also vitally important when you’re considering putting it on the real estate market. Your curb appeal, or the first impression that potential buyers have of your home, will affect bids you may receive. It is said that potential buyers will take only seconds to decide if a home is on their list of potential buys, and its outside appearance is part of that decision. If they see your home needs paint on the inside, that will devalue your home A good choice in colours and fresh paint is important before you list your home especially in today’s tough real estate market.

Paintway Provides:
  • Fully trained, qualified and experienced interior painters
  • Extensive knowledge of interior painting products and applications
  • The use of interior premium paints from your favourite brands
  • An established interior team focused on customer service
  • Clean up and removal of rubbish at the end of the job
  • Clean up and removal of rubbish at the end of the job
  • Clearly labelled, small containers of touch-up paint left onsite

PAINTWAY is famous for being prompt and professional. As a long established family owned and operated QLD business we have decades of experience in all aspects of interior painting.

Our interior painters are true craftsman ready to tackle your next project no matter how big or small..