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~Autumn has Arrived 2017~

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Mother Nature tells us it is now Autumn and we are still waiting for the temperature to reflect that! Boy…it has been a really hot summer…

One thing that is fantastic about Autumn is COLOUR! It is everywhere…mother nature likes to show alot of colour and it is a time of year when it is a fantastic opportunity to change the colours in your home to reflect the pretty season???

It is also another beautiful time of the year to Embrace ‘Rustic’ Colours, they are making a huge impact in 2017 and will really be on trend..?



Paint Your House This Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season. The best autumns are full of warm sunny days, cool and refreshing nights, and the start of another busy year…Autumn is also a perfect season to have the exterior or interior of your house professionally painted.

Your home can be painted during other seasons, but Autumn offers some uniquely favourable conditions. In addition to being an ideal prep time for the upcoming winter, autumn is a reliable and prime time to paint.

Autumn weather, for the most part, is more stable than the spring and summer months. Thunderstorms, random rain showers, and turbulent weather is less common. This allows more seamless scheduling, fewer (if any) delays, and a speedy finish time.

Autumn is also a less humid and extremely hot time of year. These drier, cooler weather patterns create favourable conditions for your new paint to properly and effectively cure. It will also help seal out moisture. The faster curing time also means that the whole project will be finished sooner. Paint that cures under ideal conditions can last longer and provide superior protection.

Touch-up and Deck Work

Your entire home may not need a new coat of paint, but it may have some spots that need touching up. If you have a deck that is in need of re-staining or sealing, autumn conditions are equally good for that. Preventative maintenance is an affordable and effective way of prolonging the life of your exterior paint or deck surface long into the future.

Paintway Toowoomba

Here is a job that we completed in February, which was a old Primary School that had been converted to a house. These sorts of property’s also really look AMAZING with Rustic Colours.

Although these colours may not appeal to everyone…It certainly bought this old girl back to life!


Listed Below are Some Paintway Tips/Ideas to help you prepare for Autumn:

Burn one of these Beautiful Candles from “Yankee” they will make your home smell just divine?

If you are lover of wine like we are, How about cutting those corks into 3 cm strips and make a coaster or a placemat ? Just glue together and WHALAA!!!

Change up the Decor in your home to Autumn Colours…these colours are on trend for this year. Change a couple of pillows and grab some pine-cones and leaves from outside to dress up a vase or tray.

Plums, Apricots and Cinnamon are just Beautiful.

Have a great month everyone ? Paintway Toowoomba


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