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Welcome to 2017!


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas ?? and looking forward to a rewarding New Year2017.

Visitors and Families have left and now is a common time for us to look around the home and decide that our most treasured asset, sure does need a good paint!. Especially when the kids/grandkids have left there fingerprints of love all over our walls and floors..and Rufus the dog or Millie the cat has decided that there have been some spots left to rub up against, scratch or move themselves onto…If you are looking at tackling some of the Painting yourself, we would like to give you some simple hacks to getting started…Not about “how to” paint but more of  how to make preparation and clean up a little bit more smoother? with a paint tip or 2?

Ⓐ. Paint in an empty room.
Take as much of the furniture and other items out of a room as possible. Larger pieces can be moved to the center of the room and covered. Paint can often splatter as you are painting and the last thing you want is paint splatters on your furniture.

Ⓑ. Remove hardware.
If you are painting the whole room you will want to remove the electrical outlet plates, light switches, etc. You could always cover them with tape but it’s much easier and you get a cleaner look if you remove them while painting.

Ⓒ. Invest in Drop Cloths.
The good kind, not a cheap fabric one! You want a sturdy drop cloth which will prevent paint from soaking through onto your floors.

Ⓓ. Prep the Surface.
You will want to start with a clean slate right? This means sanding, scraping, and patching. You will want to fill in every hole, crack, dent, or uneven surface. This also means sweeping away all those cobwebs in your corners of the floor and ceiling.

Ⓔ. Paint with Primer.
Tint your primer. Anytime that your a painting over another color it’s a good idea to use primer. Why paint the surface twice, once with primer and again with paint when you can tint your primer. By tinting your primer you will often be able to finish after just one coat. For the ladies…its the same when you apply primer before the foundation, it makes it last longer and also helps mask imperfections.

Ⓕ. Use High Quality Painter’s Tape.
You may be tempted to purchase the cheap stuff but it will pay off in the long run if you purchase a higher quality masking tape. It also helps you have an even line and prevents the paint from running onto another surface.

Paint In Order….

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to paint a room in the right order. Even the best painters using the best paints have drips, splatter and occasional spills. Make sure you try to follow the painting order below.⬇

 1.  Ceilings

Paint a 2-inch wide strip on the ceiling where it meets the wall. Using a roller with an extension pole, start in a corner and work across the short side to maintain a wet edge.

2.  Walls

Paint a 2-inch strip along ceiling, floor and woodwork with a brush. Use a roller, coming as close to the edges as possible to create a clean, uniform appearance.

3.  Woodwork

Paint all trim around doors, windows, ceilings and floor.

4.  Floor

Start in a corner diagonally opposite the room exit. Paint a 2-inch wide strip on the floor where it meets the wall or trim. Using a roller with an extension pole or a wide brush, start in a corner and work across the short side to maintain a wet edge.

8. Use The Right Brush or Roller.

Not all paintbrushes are created equal! Whether you are painting ceilings, walls, trim, or windows you will want to use the correct brush or roller and a good quality one too!

9. Keep Extra Paint.
If you have extra paint after the job is finished, store the paint to use for touch-ups in the future. It’s also a good idea to write on the can which room the paint is for. If you have painted your living room and dining room two different colors which may appear similar at first glance it helps to have the can labeled so you know you are using the correct paint.

10. Use the Correct Type of Paint.
There are multiple types of paint and they are not all used for the same areas. Take the time to find out the difference between eggshell, flat, satin and semi-gloss. If you are unsure always ask the person mixing your paint. They are usually knowledgeable about the best paint to use for each room of your house.


Here are some Painting Hacks For you to also consider ??

Use a lint roller for more than your clothes.



Use Foil to line your Paint tray for easy cleanup.



Rub some Alcohol over spills on delicate surfaces.



Clean your brushes in Vinegar! Its great for the Environment as well as cost effective!



Cover your paint or brushes with a shower cap! it will stop your paint drying out.


Cover your paint tray with a plastic bag in between breaks to stop the paint drying out













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