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When painting your home, using the right paint is important if you want the job to look professionally .There are many different kinds of paint: latex, oil based, semi-gloss, flat and chalkboard. Each of these has different meanings and uses. Do you know which paint goes on what surface? Here are some tips about getting it right.

Ceilings are usually painted with a flat paint. You will see that there are many paints formulated specifically for ceilings. Painting ceilings can be problematic in that it can be hard to see where you have painted and where you still need to paint, so ceiling paints often have a tint to them that disappears when the paint dries. A flat finish is a good way to hide any irregularities in the surface and ceiling paint usually rolls on with very minimal splatter.

Woodwork and trim is usually painted with a semi-gloss paint. It can be either a latex or oil based paint, but it has a sheen to it once it’s dry. If painting bare wood, you will have to prime it. Semi-gloss paint is easy to clean. You can also use a flat or satin finish, but only where woodwork will have very little wear and tear.

Latex is a good choice for walls, and a satin finish is easiest to keep clean. The satin finish has a bit of a sheen, but it isn’t shiny or glossy. Latex paint can be easily applied with brush or roller and you should also prime any previously unpainted surface first.

The type of paint you use on metal will depend on the type of metal. You can use latex or oil paint on iron or steel that has been primed first. If painting aluminum or galvanized metal you can paint latex directly without primer, but not oil based paint. That will still need primer first.
(cement, concrete block or brick): If painting masonry of any type, you will need to use an acrylic latex paint designed specifically for masonry.

It is unusual to paint floors, but if you are, use a high gloss, acrylic floor enamel specifically designed for floors. This will stand up better to the abrasion of feet, shoes, pet nails and scrubbing.

Chalkboard paint was also mentioned above. This can be used on many surfaces, but also may need primer, depending on the surface.

If still in doubt Always best to leave it to a professional:

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