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How Paint Colours Can Actually Change your Life

A small paint colour change can make a huge difference in your space. Paint colours could be used to bring positive energy to every room of the house.

For a couple’s bedroom, you want harmony and romance.    orchid-bedroom

You want to focus on your purples and pinks, or lighter like orchid, What this does is creates harmony and intuitive love. So you would be embracing romance from the standpoint of love and how you are intuiting the person. It’s a fabulous way to approach relationships in the bedroom (literally and metaphorically).

Family spaces speak better in peaches and beiges.  


These colours will create the awareness of laughter and a sense of family and community, so you’re embracing the whole group in the house,

For accents,  you can also do ivory or light blue, but be careful when  when using pure whites: You want rooms separated with lines, colours that will move into the arena of change. With ivories you’ll be defining the rooms, creating borders and boundaries.

In a kitchen, you want to encourage health and growth.


Greens are good on cabinets and counters but not on walls, and we suggest mauves, light blues, and aquas as accents. You don’t want to keep much white except for appliances, which are best in silver, white, and other neutrals, White is a static colour, while blues and greens are harmonious and foster growth.

Yellows and greens in a child’s room foster healthy emotional growth


You want the child to grow emotionally, but you don’t want them to focus on emotions in a way that makes them volatile, We suggest yellows and greens and to stay away from colours like red that spark strong excitement but also strong anger.

In a home office, greens and greys foster creative and financial prosperity.


Whenever you want colours for money and success, that’s the green family, That helps you to embrace growth — both financial and personal.

In a single person’s bedroom, blues and greens provide calmness.


Blue gives you an aspect of communication,And what you’re communicating to yourself is a calm, allowing yourself to feel very serene and at one with your own energy. You can also incorporate shades of green, or different patterns that are greens and blue. That speaks to healing and the heart chakra. This is encouraging, and it means they are not going to be single for long, but while they are single they are in a good place. They’ll feel good about themselves.

In a space shared with roommates, tans and browns allow for reason and communication.


Variations on brown or grey in a light hue are best,  and not white or black. It allows people to reason. They’re not seeing things in black and white they’re seeing things in detail.

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