Happy Easter Everyone? - Paintway

Happy Easter Everyone?


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In Life Without Preparation..things don’t usually work out…or work out the way we would like.?

The same applies applies to Painting someones home?. The preparation is often more important than the painting itself.

We are always advocating that when looking for a housepainter, DON’T  always assume that they are going to “PREPARE” your home the correct way…generally..(especially on a cheap quote)  they are going to cut corners?? to save cost, because preparation takes alot of time and work.  

The area’s must be assessed properly so the right products can be used on the application, because if it is not done with care…you can bet your bottom dollar that the paint is going to show signs of issue’s over time…like cracking and peeling and colour just not holding to the surface!


If you haven’t already come and join us socially….






Paintway are PREPARING to enjoy some time off for Easter ?.. Hope you all enjoy your break and eat lots of yummy chocolate 🙂



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