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Why Choose Paintway Toowoomba to Paint Your Home?

When you invite us into your home, The Paintway  team will act respectfully and be as considerate of your space, and life, as possible.

Our promise

Paintway promises our homeowners that we will: start and finish on time; maintain a neat and clean project; make sure our language isn’t offensive; take care of all details; and stand behind our work. We care about how you feel while the work is getting done.

Paintway’s approach to interior house painting

The inside of your house is where you relax, unwind, entertain and it is truly the space you call home. Creating rooms you will enjoy requires thorough prep work and extreme attention to detail, but that’s not all—it requires ongoing communication, trust, and respect.

Five steps to a successful paint job

  1. Discuss your desired end result
  2. Consult with James for colour and finish recommendations
  3. Protect all your surfaces and belongings
  4. Properly Prepare all interior surfaces to be painted
  5. Use top quality tools to expertly apply your coatings

Top quality tools. Top quality results.

Paintway generally uses Luxury and Dulux paints. The brand of paint used is influenced by many factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and bid specifications. When selecting a brand of paint, we recommend using the highest grade available because the best paint will provide the best results. To make sure the finish is everything it should be, we use top quality materials, tools and supplies.


Paintway understands that we are reflecting your values when working on the exterior of your home and pay attention to the details when making your home and neighbourhood more beautiful.

We understand that the exterior of your home is the first thing a visitor sees. A beautiful exterior shows the world that you care about your home and the community you live in. Our thorough prep work and extreme attention to detail is an important factor when painting the exterior of your home, it helps create a good impression for you and your neighbours. We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers, through ongoing communication, trust, and respect.


Committed to total client satisfaction

We offer a Complete Range of Painting Services



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