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We hope you were all festive and got some time to relax with your loved ones❤️

Well…Paintway are refreshed and ready to bring some homes back to life this year.

We have our website paintway2019.au3.live-preview.net and of course we have our Social Media Pages Instagram

and of course Facebook just click these links if you would like to join us! We will be displaying our work all year and it is a great opportunity for us to socialise with you!

We have started the year strong and Look forward to another fulfilling Year😁 For Our first Job

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Wish you all a successful year!

Thanks so Much for supporting Paintway. We are a family business that really appreciate your patronage😁

James & Melissa Tarbuck


Committed to total client satisfaction

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Why Does Paint Blister on Weatherboard Homes?

So you’ve just finished repainting the old timber house, it looks great; but only a few weeks later blisters occur on the sides that are exposed to the most sunshine, and the blisters cause the new paint film to peel off, sometimes back to bare timber. Sounds familiar? Why does this happen, and how can

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Expecting? Picking a Colour for the Nursery

With so many colours to choose from we just love a Mint Green and Neutral soft tones for a baby’s nursery. They are amazing colours when you do not know the gender of your upcoming new arrival. Keeping the furniture in similar tones these colours are a perfect match for any Baby Boy or Baby

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Do you have a problem with flaky or cracked ceilings? Read on…..

Problem Ceilings? (Peeling and Flaking Paint) The common theme in the above reasons for problem ceilings is PREPARATION, wrong application and the ceilings history.  Due to these reasons it is hard for the painting of a ceiling to be done at time.  However, no matter how much preparation occurs if the history of the ceiling

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Autumn has Arrived 2023

Fashion and homewares trends come and go, and so do house paint colours. Thankfully, it’s almost as easy to refresh your walls as it is your wardrobe (skinny jeans are out, by the way).Updating your interior paint colours can overhaul your mood,  this very purpose can help us to re-energise and feel warm and cosy

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