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All of Your Painting Questions of 2016


With Paintway’s years of experience in professional paint contracting, we’ve heard every question imaginable, but quirky, off-the-wall queries aren’t all that common. Typically, homeowners who are considering professional painting services have the same basic concerns. To help those researching getting there house painting interior or exterior,  Paintway have put together this list of common questions and their answers.


Will there be minimal disruption?

If you hire a trustworthy, reputable painting contractor, the disruptions will be very minimal. A professional painter with established references can be left alone in your home during the day, so you can still work, run errands and so on. While the room that is being painted won’t be accessible to you during the process, the rest of your home should be quiet and undisturbed. Hiring a professional Painter  also means  less disruption. Paintway have a well established system for painting quickly, quietly and in the correct order for fastest results.

Will my furniture and carpet get paint on them?

Paintway WILL ALWAYS treat homes with respect and will work hard to ensure that everything in a room is protected. Protective coverings will be placed over carpeting and any furniture that can’t be removed from the room to ensure that everything stays tidy and free of paint. At the end of the project, any professional painter should handle all of the clean-up for you and remove any empty paint tins and other waste for you.

Are the fumes a problem for my family?

Oil-based interior paints can create fumes that contain VOCs, but if you prefer these not be used in your home, Paintway can oblige you. Even if oil-based paints are used, the dangers are minimal if the painter takes the proper precautions. Using fans and keeping the room properly ventilated greatly cuts down on any risk associated with oil-based paint fumes.

How long will the fumes remain for?

You can continue to run fans in the room for 1 to 2 days after the project ends to air the room out further. Most fumes will subside within 48 hours.

Picking Colours is so Confusing..Can you Help us Choose the Best Colour for the best Effect?

YES YES and YES! We are always more than happy to make that decision. With over 25 years experience, we have seen it all and really can help in adding Value to your home, or more importantly adding VALUE to the price of the property and giving the best advice to giving rooms are more larger feel!

Do you offer a Warranty?

We sure do!

Is Paintway Insured?


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on (07) 4635 5549 or 0415 790 649


Committed to total client satisfaction

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