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What’s the most important role colour plays in a room?

It sets the mood for a room. The colour you choose is really about what you want the room to feel like.

Do you tend to use one colour throughout the entire interior, or mix it up room to room?

In general, I feel it’s important to have continuity throughout the entire house. I’ll use one or two colours throughout the house, and then mix in other accent colours. That gives continuity, but at the same time allows the various rooms to         have different personalities.

What kind of classic colour combinations do you think work best?

Blue and white, yellow and green for a kitchen, red and black for a very formal dining room. For a lounge, I would suggest chocolate brown and camel or dark green and navy blue. We like burgundy and khaki, navy and khaki, or dark green and khaki. And greys and blues look really great together.

What kind of guidelines would you suggest if someone wants to use bold colours?

You need to be aware that you will likely get tired of bold colours very quickly. If you really want to incorporate a strong, bold colour, use it as an accent. Bold colours are often attractive because they are the colour of the moment this can quickly date a room.

How should the homeowner account for different lighting in choosing colours?

Select three shades of the colour you want: where you think you want to be, and one shade lighter and one shade darker. Do this with paint, wallpaper, or fabric swatches. Put the samples in two places: next to the window and in a darker corner. Look at them at different times during the day and at night. Then make your decision.

Is a neutral colour scheme always appropriate?

No. It totally depends on the house, the location, the architecture, and the personality of the homeowner. It’s about trying to keep a balance. An entire neutral house can be boring.

How do you use colour to affect relationship and the relationship with other decorative elements?

Colour is key to how the decor is perceived. If it’s a big room, paint it a brighter, warmer colour to bring the walls in. Paint a smaller room a cooler colour to push the walls out. Colour also establishes visual weight and balance. If you put a bold primary-based piece of art in a pastel room, it’s probably not going to seem right. The colours of the art should balance the colours of the space.

What are the challenges homeowners face in choosing colours and colour schemes?

Sometimes people are scared of colour, especially dark colours. Ultimately, people should really follow their heart: If they love a colour, test it, and like it in place, they should not be afraid to choose it.

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