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Exterior Paint Colour Trends To Make Your Home More Modern

The exterior colour of your house is absolutely crucial to the overall attractiveness of your house. With people’s tastes forever changing, it is important to repaint your house to fit new trends. When selling your house, it is important to give your house a fresh coat of paint- increasing the property value and overall appeal to buyers. The fresh residential paint symbolises to your buyers that you value and take care of your home- which means that if the property will maintain its value in future years.

However, with trends forever changing, it can often be difficult to decide what colours you should consider painting your home. We at Premier Painting, commercial painters based in Sydney, are leading the game in residential painting, with our top-notch quality and customer service. We understand the impact a coat of paint can make on your home and are truly passionate about our craft. We have created a list of trends in 2022 that buyers are looking for, and that you should consider giving a go!

Contrasting shades of grey

Often referred to as a timeless classic, by painting your home white, contrasted by two darker tones of grey, it gives your home a modern element whilst also retaining its character. Modern homes aim for a clean aesthetic, however, can sometimes come off as lifeless. By repainting your home with modern colours, it ensures that your home maintains an elevated look whilst maintain its classic features. To accentuate these features even more, you should highlight architectural details with the white, contrasting everything else with darker tones of grey. When using this type of colour palette, you should only use three to four different colours, as this achieves a more minimalistic and modern look.

Earthy with Warm whites

The main trends in 2022 are contrasting natural looking colours with white. Having colours such as wooden brown contrasted by a warmer white, gives your home an almost calming effect. Pure whites can often be too harsh in regard to exterior paint. On the other hand, a warm or shaded white plays into the natural element of the brown and gives off a more sophisticated look. These natural colours convey to others that your home is “cozy” and pairs perfectly for homes in the suburbs with more greenery around. You do not want your home to stick out from the environment but add to it.

Faded greens

Although painting your house in more pronounced colours may not be for everyone, for those who desire a dash of colour, a muted or faded green is the perfect trend to capitalise on. Faded greens pair perfectly with brick houses, that need a little bit of colour to accentuate its features. Consider painting your door or window frames- which, when complimented with the brick walls, highlights the surrounding environment.

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