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Look around the rooms in your home and you’ll probably pick up on a theme (or two). Perhaps you’re gazing out at a sea of blues and greens—or a spectrum of sunset shades. Paint colour is an expression of your personality,We branch out occasionally, but most of us have a proclivity for certain types of shades. Read on to discover the meaning behind your favourites and tips for creating looks everyone can live with.

If You Gravitate to Soft, Warm Shades…༆Associated with sunshine and roaring fires, yellow and orange (and close cousins peach and pink) have a cheerful, welcoming personality. And most likely, so do you. People who use warm tones tend to be friendly and nurturing—they love having others over, The fuzzy feeling we get from these colours isn’t just symbolic. Because of their brightness, warm shades appear to spring forward, literally making a room feel more intimate; cool hues, on the other hand, seem to recede, expanding a space.

The luminous quality of the colours is also energising, stimulating conversation and appetites, Still, to some, warm can be cloying:


If You Gravitate to Soft, Cool Hues…༆Most reactions to colour come about because of what’s around us in nature, So there are certain universal truths. In studies, people tend to associate pale to medium blues, lavenders, and greens with the sky, a body of water or wide-open field—elements we perceive as being tranquil and soothing. And because mild, cool shades have a lower intensity than warm or bright ones, they are literally easier on the eyes.

If you are drawn to blues and their brethren, you probably view your home as an oasis of calm in a hectic world. You may also be a bit of an introvert.  To prevent watery shades from feeling chilly, paintway suggests balancing them with hints of yellow, orange, or brown in your furniture and accessories.


If You Gravitate to Jewel Tones…༆Colours that seem plucked from the red carpet  night—ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz—lend instant va-va-voom. Like the celebrities who turn heads in those hues, you are probably outgoing, confident and creative. People who choose these colours want to feel inspired by their environments; they thrive on the stimulation,The brilliant, concentrated colours are wonderful at minimising flaws: They can make a room without much architectural interest feel glamorous, create intimacy in an imposing space and play up the coziness in a small room.

If you paint a tiny bathroom navy blue, it will seem dark and confining, but sapphire has a dynamic, enveloping effect—it has to do with the brightness of the colour.To keep things feeling cohesive, not chaotic, pair jewel tones with neutrals or colours that have a similar intensity. Love the shades but wary of using them all over? Paintway suggests starting in places where you don’t spend a ton of time, such as a hallway, powder room, or dining room.


If You Gravitate to Neutrals…༆Like rocks along the coast or monuments of marble or granite, gray, brown, beige, and ivory have a feeling of permanence and a crisp, classic look. If this appeals to you, you are probably even-keeled and practical, and not interested in re-painting your rooms every few years because you’ve tired of the shades, You may also be in on a trade secret: Earthy walls allow you to use more colour in your accessories and furnishings. It’s really smart if you’re a colour person to do a neutral backdrop and let your bright art and objects shine.

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