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Colour reflects who we are and who we aspire to be. It’s expressive, fun, creative, complimentary and always conversational. At Paintway we love it! That’s why we want to provide you with the best tools to find your perfect paint colour.A tin of paint has a lot of power. You can reimagine a room in countless ways with the colour it contains, for a relatively small investment. “It’s all about the cost-to-impact ratio,” Paint can add personality, create illusions and disguise flaws. And it’s easy to change if you don’t like it.”

Browse the Internet, read magazines, explore the huge range of colours on any paint suppliers Colour chart, find the latest colour trends, popular colour hues and inspiration – Get inspired – There is no right or wrong colour, It is such a personal decision and our tastes vary widely. The current mood in design is all about slowing down and bringing back the idea of handcrafted, imperfect finishes. At the same time, softer shades and finishes are coming through. “Colours are more relaxed, with the aim of making spaces feel calm, warm and lived in. “Designers are using varied finishes to add layers and depth inside and out.

Once you have chosen a “Colour” then falls the hundreds of “shades” in that colour. Get some swatches – test with some pots of paint to make sure, once again, there are no rules! That is the playful thing about choosing colour, it does not have to be serious!



Whisper White

Wash&Wear Casper White Half

Antique White

Lexicon Qtr


Wash&Wear in Spanish Olive

Red Box



At Paintway if our customers are in Doubt with colour we often provide free pot samples and show you how it is going to look rather than just using a swatch which can often be a slight bit different when the paint goes on!😀


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