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Qualified & Skilled Painters & Decorators

Our level of professionalism, as well as our unwavering commitment to perfection, means we are able to offer a service above and beyond that of our competitors.

The Role

Paintway is looking for a qualified, experienced and skilled painter with own transport to join our team.

We require someone who is capable & willing to move up into a Team Leader role within the business when required.

Our ideal applicant will be a highly motivated and professional worker, with the ability to work in a team environment and conduct themselves well with clients. We have an excellent reputation for customer service, so being polite and friendly to clients is extremely vital in the role.


  • 5+ years of experience in painting & decorating
  • Experience in all aspects of painting
  • Experience with decorative painting


  • Ability to produce top quality finishes in all aspects of painting
  • Ability to meet strict time frames while maintaining your best work
  • Good product knowledge and quick to learn new products

Committed to total client satisfaction

We offer a Complete Range of Painting Services



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